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Composable Data Network | Next Adventure with Powerloom

Joining Powerloom to help serve onchain data primitives as public good.

I'm excited to (finally) announce that I joined the incredible Powerloom Protocol team as their CMO.

[With Swaroop, Co-Founder and Samuel Del Real, Head of Biz Dev at Powerloom in Downtown Vancouver]

At Powerloom, we are building a composable data network that enables easy access to onchain data. Having previously worked with L1s and L2s, I understand the challenge of using the onchain data effectively. Despite progress, there's more to achieve in making this user-friendly. Powerloom primarily caters to the data needs of DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Web3 Social, and more with responsive onchain data. 

My connection with the Powerloom co-founders dates back to the DeFi summer of 2020. I've closely followed their previous venture, BlockVigil, as it scaled to over a billion API calls daily in the early days of crypto. The journey from BlockVigil to the inception of Powerloom Protocol reflects a commitment to providing a more efficient and decentralized offering to the ecosystem.

This vision of serving onchain data primitives as a public good resonated with me. Since then, both founders have meticulously built the protocol from scratch over 3 years, staying true to their vision. Their deep roots in the ecosystem are evident.

Interestingly, despite both Swaroop and I being Vancouver residents, we first met IRL at ETH Seattle and Stanford Blockchain Conference last year, a nod to Vancouver's unique tradition of locals meeting more often abroad. Joining as team member #2 and the first in the marketing/growth team, I am proud to be a part of this journey. Since my joining in Aug/September last year, we've expanded from 4 to 11 members, distributed globally. This growth is a testament to the direction we're heading.

Powerloom Protocol, in its full glory, will have the following key participants in the network:

  • Validators - Decentralize data flow and grow your stake  

  • Snapshotters - Capture onchain data + get rewarded

  • Watchers - Flag inaccurate data sets  

  • Signalers - Provide real-time state change signals 

  • Consumers - Subscribe to specific data markets

  • Curators - Guide data logic integrity

We've successfully onboarded over 1500 Snapshotters who are Snapshotting data from various data markets. The onboarding of other network participants will be phased.

So far, I have led campaigns like our Incentivized Testnet on CoinList, a mega partnership with Polygon, the pre-mint launch of 10,000 data nodes, growing our community to over 20,000, and paving the path for developer onboarding and related content alongside the DevRel team.

Powerloom has strong potential to become a crucial player as the composable data network for web3 as data becomes increasingly important across DeFi, NFTs, Onchain Social, GameFi, and other segments. 

I look forward to continuing to grow the Powerloom ecosystem and drive further adoption.

If you are building something or have built onchain, I would love to see how we can help. DMs are always open.

For more details, follow Powerloom on X or join our community on Discord.

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